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Glorious Grasslands is protecting and restoring an important but often neglected aspect of the South West Peak; species diverse hay meadows. While these fascinating natural features might be overlooked as part of the background they are in fact an irreplaceable part of the complex natural systems that allow many different species of plants and animals to thrive. Grasslands also allow farm businesses to thrive by providing food for livestock and improving drought resistance.

This project is focusing on 3 key areas in the South West Peak, which is a hot spot for the remaining concentrations of grasslands in the country. These areas are already species-rich and as such they are excellent candidates for strengthening and expanding grasslands that are at risk nationally.

As well as surveying and helping farmers to maintain and restore traditional hay meadows, the project is also identifying grasslands of importance for rare fungi communities, known as ‘waxcap grasslands’. With additional funding from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, we are building a picture of the importance of these, often brightly coloured, fungi within the grassland community. We have found several traditionally managed farms supporting internationally and nationally important fungi communities.

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About grasslands and meadows

  • A critical part of the South West Peak region.
  • Support many important pollinators such as birds, butterflies and bees.
  • Help prevent and control flooding.
  • In serious decline across the UK.
  • Need your help to ensure they survive for future generations!

Learn About Our Glorious Grasslands!!

Do you love working outside and helping to preserve our precious natural resources? Check out our Activities below or Volunteer to come out and learn more about the beautiful and complex species that call the meadows of the South West Peak home.

  • Volunteer to be a Meadow Monitor and receive training from experts to undertake grassland surveys.
    • Work with local farmers and ‘adopt’ a farm to monitor.
    • Help spread the message and techniques of sustainable and ecologically friendly grassland management.
  • Interested in learning more about waxcap in the South West Peak? Attend one of our training sessions or click below for our handy Identification Guide.



Learn about the Glorious Grasslands of the South West Peak

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Our partners

  • Cheshire Wildlife Trust
  • Esmee Fairbairn Foundationt
  • Natural England
  • Peak District National Park Authority
  • Peak District National Park Foundation