Landscape Conservation Action Plan

The guiding document for our landscape partnership scheme is the Landscape Conservation Action Plan or LCAP for short.  This document describes many aspects of the South West Peak and summarises the projects we will be delivering.

You can download the individual sections below:

SWP LCAP Part 1.0 Contents, Introduction, Partnership

SWP LCAP Part 1.1 Ecosystem Approach, Landscape

SWP LCAP Part 1.2 Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage

SWP LCAP Part 1.3 People, Definition of Landscape Area

SWP LCAP Part 1.4 Current Management

SWP LCAP Part 1.5 Statement of Significance

SWP LCAP Part 1.6 Potential Threats

SWP LCAP Part 1.7 Vision, Legacy, References

SWP LCAP Part 1.8 Summary of Scheme

SWP LCAP Part 2 Project Summaries