SWP logo borderSouth West Peak – a Landscape at a Crossroads

Stretching from Lyme Park in the north to Onecote in the south, and from Macclesfield to Buxton, the South West Peak has a special quality of its own and is adored by many. Is it the sound of the curlew’s call or the wide open space that connects you to the South West Peak? Perhaps it’s the way this remarkable place makes you feel? Maybe it’s your home or maybe it’s a place that you escape to? However, the South West Peak is fragile with many of its most unique and special features at risk of being lost.  Not sure where the South West Peak is? Download a South West Peak map (4MB).

Despite the best efforts of many, populations of curlew, lapwing and snipe are still at risk. Heritage features such as field barns and field boundaries are in need of restoration. Small communities are faced with myriad challenges. We need to work together to achieve a healthy balance of farming and rural businesses, together with wildlife conservation and access to open spaces, which generations can enjoy long into the future.

Which is why the South West Peak Landscape Partnership has been formed.

The South West Peak is a life-support system because it:
collects our water, stores our carbon, defines our communities, retains our heritage, provides an escape, promotes health & wellbeing, inspires generations and supports livelihoods.

Our Partnership supports a South West Peak that is:
a healthier and better functioning landscape for people and wildlife, a nationally and internationally recognised place where everyone can make a true connection with their environment and a living landscape where opportunities exist for present and future generations.

The Partnership has successfully bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund (www.hlf.org.uk) for a grant of £2.4m to deliver the Landscape Partnership Scheme.  More details, including how you can get involved will be added to the site as we go along.