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UU ATV Sprayer

United Utilities hosts event for Cheshire farmers on sustainable rush control

24 October 2018

Rush control is a major issue facing upland farmers and land managers. It can quickly take over pasture, reducing grazing for livestock and habitats for wading birds.There’s also the potential for rush control measures to impact local watercourses. A common chemical used for rush control is MCPA. This can enter...

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Growing Local Wildflowers

3 October 2018

Do you have green fingers and experience with growing plants? Do you have some space in your garden or allotment where you could sow some wildflower pots/trays? Would you like to help support wildflower meadow restoration?We have seed that our Glorious Grasslands volunteers collected from local wildflower meadows in the...

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Fernilee grant

Celebrating National Parks Week

29 July 2018

Tarmac donation in National Parks Week to help improve access for all at beauty spot

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Cheese press

Archaeology on Stage

13 July 2018

Our very own cultural heritage officer, Catherine Parker Heath, will be live on stage at Buxton Opera House this Sunday (15th July) with Tony Robinson and his Time Team colleagues.

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Roaches moor

Eyes open to report moorland fires

29 June 2018

You will most likely have seen from the news about the devastating fire that is burning on the Tameside fringe. The Met Office fire severity index is currently showing prolonged hot weather conditions which will only increase the risk of fires in the National Park.Keep your eyes open when out...

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