This is an archive of blogs from the South West Peak Landscape Partnership, covering many different activities and projects, written by project leaders and staff.

Waxcap fungi, photo by Alex Hyde

eDNA analysis of soil samples to evaluate the fungal conservation value of grassland areas in the South West Peak: lessons for woodland creation proposals

30 June 2022

Report published by Aberystwyth University and Peak District National Park AuthorityAuthors: Gareth W Griffith, Andrew P Detheridge and Ruby Bye IBERS, Aberystwyth University, 16 June, 2022.This work was made possible with funding from the South West Peak Landscape Partnership, supported by National Lottery players through the National Lottery Heritage Fund,...

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Karen Shelley-Jones, scheme manager

Two poems for the South West Peak - A Landscape at a Crossroads

29 June 2022

Two poems for the South West Peak - A Landscape at a Crossroads by Karen Shelley-JonesA poem to summarise our intended Landscape Partnership Scheme:A weather-hardened travellerBearing the weight of generations,Rests awhile at a crossroads.His grandfather’s wisdom of the seasons,The coal-black hands of winterAnd hayseed fingernails of summer,Tell the story of...

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Elephant on the roaches

Story Maps

23 June 2022

Story maps reveal facts and information linked to places on a map. They are designed to follow virtually but you could also visit them in person, either way they are fun to read whether you’re discovering something for the first time or you’re a keen researcher.Like all stories they're best...

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Warslow Barns Trail - Poem and Pictures by children from Manifold CE Academy

9 June 2022

The following poems and pictures were created by children from Manifold CE Academy. Their work was inspired by the Warslow Barns Trail.The Warslow Field Barns Trail was created by cultural heritage officer Catherine Parker Heath and the South West Peak volunteers, with some help from the school children too. The...

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Drone photo looking down on Errwood Hall ruins

Developing the Errwood Hall App and Collecting Memories

20 April 2022

Blog from Catherine Parker Heath, our cultural heritage officer:I have been busy working with volunteers unlocking the secrets of Errwood Hall to create the content for the Augmented Reality App which was the subject of a Big Give campaign we organised in partnership with the Peak District National Park Foundation...

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