Story Maps

Posted on 23 June 2022

Story maps reveal facts and information linked to places on a map. They are designed to follow virtually but you could also visit them in person, either way they are fun to read whether you’re discovering something for the first time or you’re a keen researcher.

Like all stories they're best enjoyed somewhere quiet, with the possible distractions of a cup of tea and a slice of cake, so find yourself a comfy chair and begin...

There are four story maps for you to enjoy:

The ‘Lost’ industries of Gradbach and Quarnford

Now a rural idyll, the area around Gradbach was once a hive of industrial endeavour. Follow the trail, either virtually or in person, to find out more...

Elephants on the Roaches

Elephants on the Roaches? Find out how an exploration into the origins of a pond and dam brings us to this! Approx. 15 minutes read.

You've got mail

Follow this family friendly trail around some of the historic letterboxes in Buxton to learn something about the history of the postal service.

Peeling Back the Layers and Digger Deeper

Find out about the discoveries made by two community archaeology projects by following a trail around Under Whitle Farm, at Sheen.

Elephant on the roaches