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Peak Land Lives is telling the sometimes harrowing and complex tale of farming and the individual stories of the hardy folks who feed the nation. This project has produced the eagerly awaited book The Land That Made Us: The Peak District Farmer's Story, which is the product of interviewing many farmers and land owners throughout the South West Peak to gather a full picture of the history of farming, examine current issues facing the industry, and also look forward to the future of farming in the area. This wonderful book and all the interviews that went into it were edited and organized by Christine Gregory and Sheila Hine.

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The book is currently on sale at the below retailers and makes for the perfect gift for any occasion!

Readers are loving this book, as this wonderful review we received states so well:

“Just wanted you to know that I am re- reading the lovely book that you gave me for Christmas - The Land That Made Us - it engenders a feeling of past times when life's priorities were so different.  An excellent read in these troubled times especially as it makes me remember my own childhood in rural Yorkshire- so very similar.”

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The South West Peak Landscape Partnership is actively recruiting volunteers to help with editing and curating the large quantities of interview audio files that have come out of this fascinating project. It is an excellent way to build your CV and while we would prefer people with some audio editing experience if you are keen and don’t have any experience please apply and training can be offered. Head over to the SWPLP Volunteer page to learn more.

Peak Land Lives is led and coordinated by The Farming Life Centre and all proceeds from the resulting book sales will be reinvested back into on-farm projects that support these unsung residents of the South West Peak.

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What we're doing

  • Telling personal stories of farmers throughout the South West Peak
  • Examining the challenges faced by farmers and their families
  • Preserving the legacy of farmers in a full-colour book and an archive of oral histories
  • Discussing the importance of farming in the living landscape of the South West Peak
  • Interpreting farming and its meaning to those outside the farming community

Get involved!

  • If you are out walking remember to close and latch gates as you go through them.
  • When walking with your canine companion please keep them on a lead. This ensures they do not inadvertently startle or injure livestock. Remember these animals are a farmer’s livelihood.
  • Take the time to talk to farmers as you are out and about. You will likely learn something new about this dynamic landscape that they work in every day. You might even learn simple things you can do to make their hardworking lives a little easier.
  • Keep in mind that many areas you might not expect are working farms. Respect the land and property of others.


Upcoming activities


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Leave machinery and farm animals alone – don’t interfere with animals even if you think they’re in distress. Try to alert the farmer instead.

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When you take your dog into the outdoors, always ensure they do not disturb wildlife, farm animals, horses or other people by keeping your furry friend under control.

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