Project summary

Future Custodians is inspiring young people to make a commitment to the South West Peak through on-the-job training and work experience. Two types of apprenticeships are on offer: a Countryside Worker role and a Livestock Farming position. These posts work together closely and apprentices that are involved with one role will often have the opportunity to cross-train with the other positions, making the most out of this opportunity and providing a great deal of training to make individuals successful in future job searches.

As part of the collaborative nature of the Partnership each countryside apprentice will be working at several different sites and livestock apprentices may work on more than one farm in the South West Peak. Why work at different farms you ask? Diversity of experience is key and this collaboration is driven by necessity in this landscape. Many farms in the area are smaller and may not be able to support a full-time apprentice. Sharing apprentices among different farms, with transport provided by the project, will make for a more efficient, enjoyable and productive program overall.

Check out this blog post from our first group of apprentices, who have since completed their program of study and have successfully moved on to new jobs.

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What we're doing

  • Providing diverse and desirable training to motivated young people
  • Ensuring there is close support and coordination provided by a dedicated project officer
  • Offering transportation around the area to different working locations as needed
  • Increasing resilience and the potential for future succession within farming communities
  • Involving apprentices in different projects; such as Working for Waders and Crayfish in Crisis


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Who's working on this project?

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  • Peak District National Park Authority
  • Peak District National Park Foundation