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Fun with Fungi!

Posted on 17 September 2020

Fungi season is upon us in the South West Peak and we need your help!

We are working to identify the location of waxcap fungi along public rights of way throughout the South West Peak and we need more eyes on the ground to help us with that task.

If you are keen to help out you can take the handy guide below out with you. If you see anything that looks like the examples on the ID guide then we would love for you to email us at:

Information to include:

- Location where you saw the waxcap fungi. This can be a grid reference or any sort of specific map location that works for you.
- A picture of what you've seen.
- You don't need to identify the species if you don't want but feel free to give it a go!

This is in support of our Glorious Grasslands project and if you are interested in learning more about this project click here.

We also offer this activity on our volunteer system along with many other opportunities ranging from cultural heritage work to hay meadow surveying. Check it out here.

Thank you in advance for all your help and we'll see you out on the trail!

Fungi ID Guide (PDF)

Fungi ID 1

Fungi ID 2