Project summary

The goal of the Bigger, Better and More Connected project is to make sure that the partners in the Landscape Partnership are all communicating to the community and to visitors in a way that makes sense and is easy understood. Our goal is to create jargon free interpretation programmes and to replace and repair information signs in the Goyt Valley, the Roaches, and on Warslow Estate.

We also want to involve as many people as possible in our varied projects not only through volunteerism, but also through our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. We want to encourage people to take action in both large and small ways throughout the duration of the Partnership. We can only succeed with your help!

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What we're doing

  • Training for both staff and volunteers on a wide variety of topics led by subject matter experts
  • Producing educational materials for schools and community groups covering all of our on-going projects
  • Encouraging education and interest in the challenges and triumphs of the South West Peak
  • Seeking to change how people think about the complex and living landscape that makes up the South West Peak
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Get involved!

  • Check out the Goyt Valley Visitor Guide.
  • Remember to Take Only Pictures and Leave Only Footprints when out walking. Share those pictures with us below!
  • Learn more about The Roaches.
  • Don’t hesitate to come speak to SWP staff if you see us out and about. We always love to chat!



Learn about all things South West Peak!

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Fires can be devastating to wildlife and habitats – so be careful with naked flames and cigarettes at any time of the year. If you see a fire report it by calling 999.

Who's working on this project?


Andy Tetlow

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Sara Smithson

Sara Smithson

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Our partners

  • Cheshire Wildlife Trust
  • Environment Agency
  • Historic England
  • Natural England
  • Peak District National Park Authority
  • RSPB
  • Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts
  • United Utilities