This is an archived website, available until June 2027. We hope it will inspire people to continue to care for and protect the South West Peak area and other landscapes. Although the South West Peak Landscape Partnership ended in June 2022, the area is within the Peak District National Park. Enquiries can be made to

The 5-year South West Peak Landscape Partnership, 2017-2022, was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Engaging Communities Volunteering Update

26 May 2021

In this fifth ‘spotlight’ we are celebrating 3 diverse projects delivered by some wonderful groups and their members who so freely give their time to make a real difference for our local communities and visitors alike!

Kerridge Ridge & Ingersley Vale (KRIV) Volunteers: Purchase of Replacement Waterproof Jackets and Over Trousers

The fantastic KRIV volunteers (pictured right) were formed in 2006 under the first UK Landscape Partnership Scheme (2005-2010) and, since 2010, have continued to meet every Friday throughout the year to maintain both cultural and natural heritage within and around the original scheme area.

Since October 2018 the group has played a significant part in the South West Peak Landscape Partnership Slowing The Flow Project contributing to date towards the building of over 70 dams and planting around 700 metres (3,500 plants) of hedgerow.

KRIV broadly operate over an area from Pott Shrigley in the north, down to the Dane Valley, all within the South West Peak area and in January 2020 we received a grant application from them to fund the purchase of new waterproof clothing.

“The provision of replacement waterproof clothing has made a huge difference to the comfort and morale of the KRIV volunteers enabling us to continue working for the benefit of South West Peak area in adverse weather conditions whilst staying dry. A total of 17 volunteers have benefitted. 

Not only does the new clothing directly benefit them but, also, indirectly, a large number and wide range of people benefit from the continuance of all the activities carried out by KRIV.”

Lester Humphreys, Joint Chair

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Friends of the Peak District and CPRE South Yorkshire: Peak District Boundary Walk Development

Focussed upon the development of the Peak District Boundary Walk, a fantastic and inspiring 200-mile route circumnavigating the beautiful Peak District National Park, our grant award is funding specialist staff costs and enabling work with local community groups to raise awareness of the walk and increase knowledge and skills through volunteering opportunities which include: monitoring and photographing the route, and becoming local ambassadors for the walk.

Check out the recently launched video here: Peak District Boundary Walk on Vimeo

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For details of the Peak District Boundary Walk go here: Peak District Boundary Walk - CPRE Peak District and South Yorkshire

For motivation and to join the Facebook group, go here: Peak District Boundary Walk | Facebook


Waterfall Parochial Hall Management Committee: Energy Efficiency & Refurbishment of the Main Hall

Standing in a prominent position in the picturesque Staffordshire village of Waterfall, the Parochial Hall began life over 240 years ago as a school. Today it forms the hub of the village, is used by many groups, such as the W.I., and is vitally important to the community. This project benefitted from one of our first grant awards using National Lottery Heritage Fund funding with the refurbishment of the main hall, using traditional methods, taking place during in 2018.

“The Trustees and Committee of the hall are absolutely delighted with the refurbishment. The whole community will benefit from the vastly improved environment and we are sure there will be many more bookings for the Hall.”
Linda Morley, Secretary