Himalayan Balsam: volunteers needed

Upstream Thinking
Event Name Himalayan Balsam: volunteers needed
Start Date 10th Jun 2021 1:00 pm

Himalayan Balsam: volunteers needed for this unscheduled activity.

Volunteers are needed to take on an area where Himalayan balsam has been seen before. The site will need visiting every 2 to 4 weeks between June and September and all balsam pulled each visit. The sites are in and around Meerbrook and Onecote.

Skills needed

All skill levels welcome. Beginners can be trained or paired with more experienced volunteers. Please attend Group Pulling day or ask to arrange a separate training session.

Willingness to walk along stream beds or ditches,  climb fences (with landowners permission), and boldly go anywhere balsam might hide.

It would be useful to have some volunteers who can map read, assess risk, record location of balsam found and time spent looking and pulling balsam.

This event is part of the SWPLP Upstream Thinking project and is supported by a Water Environment Grant.

For any questions contact:

Helen Betts

Vocational Training Officer

07970 237 094


To sign up for this activity please register as a volunteer through our volunteer portal by clicking here.

FH Him Bal