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Ashley Deane

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About Ashley

Ashley is our Slowing the Flow Project Manager hosted by Cheshire Wildlife Trust. Ashley works across the South West Peak landscape engaging with farmers and landowners to restore the natural hydrology of our catchments. Slowing the Flow aims to work with natural processes on a catchment scale to help alleviate flood risk. In addition, Ashley will be also restoring riparian habitats working in our freshwater streams and rivers promoting healthy aquatic environments which function to slow the rate of flood water moving across the landscape. You’ll find her surveying the catchments and installing interventions from leaky dams, to diverter logs, to temporary storage ponds, to woodland creation. Engaging with those who own the land right through to those who enjoy, value and benefit from the landscape Ashley will involve the community across the South West Peak.

Ashley has previously worked for the National Trust with a practical countryside management background and a wealth of knowledge of biological recording and river surveying. She’s passionate about conservation on a landscape scale and ensuring ecological resilience in a changing climate. In her spare time she enjoys wildlife watching and hill walking, and generally being outdoors enjoying our beautiful countryside.

Projects worked on

slowing the flow

Slowing the Flow

Natural and sustainable flood management working with natural processes and habitat restoration.

Project runs

  • From: Jan 2017
  • To: Dec 2021

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