Partnership Workshop

Partners in the South West Peak Landscape Partnership got together on the 23rd June to celebrate what has been achieved so far and to look forward to the next steps in our HLF application.

We looked at how far we had come since the idea of a HLF landscape partnership bid first arose back in February 2013.  The bid coordinator emphasised that there had been three elements to the work: 1) producing the bid, 2) building a strong partnership and 3) beginning our community consultation work.


We talked about what had gone well and how we could improve our approach, and we looked ahead to the decision from HLF in October when we will find out if we have been successful in our bid.

We ended the day with a lovely walk in ‘Curlew Country’ where we were rewarded with a good view of displaying curlew as we walked through some lovely hay meadows and enjoyed the views that the South West Peak has to offer.