Stories and Interpretation

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight journeying to the green chapel, mermaids enticing men to a watery grave, the face of a winking man in the rock, what other stories tell the tale of the South West Peak?

Winking man

TellTale and Creeping Toad were contracted by the partnership to develop a set of shared messages for us and to produce an interpretation plan for three sites in the South West Peak.

During February some of you took part in storying workshops which drew on the knowledge of people who care about the landscape to weave together a short narrative to describe what makes the South West Peak special.  Read a sample of your work below – you talented bunch!

Ramshaw Rocks brood over the road,
Remembering ancient seas,
And a river runs cool under Three Shires Head,
On a hot summer day,
Music, laughter,
The voices of a village.

Open space on the moors,
Picking bilberries,
The ancient woods
Below the Roaches,
On the last day of summer,
The heather grows purple on Hen Cloud.

Crisp snow,
Gathers shadows at dusk,
The aurora glows across the sky,
The Roaches slip into space and quiet,
Sometimes the mist fills the valleys and the hills look like islands.