Future Farmscapes project development

Farmers and land managers will have a vital role in the delivery of many of the outcomes of the Landscape Partnership Scheme.

The Partnership therefore commissioned a research project in order to:

  1. Obtain an overview of farmer/landowner views;
  2. Consider options for showcasing economically viable businesses which complement the environmental and heritage outcomes of the Landscape Partnership scheme; and
  3. Develop a project plan for future implementation in the delivery phase of the scheme.

Geoff King at Brook Lyndhurst was commissioned to undertake this research, using a social science approach. The fieldwork started in August 2015, and included the following:

  • Two workshops with key stakeholders in the South West Peak;
  • Face-to-face (in-home) interviews with a sample of 30 farmers and landowners;
  • Two further workshops with key stakeholders;
  • An opportunity for farmers and other stakeholders to comment on preliminary findings and recommendations.

This work is now complete and  a summary report is available here Future Farmscapes Web Summary.