Project summary

Wild Child aims to reconnect children and their families with the world around them, to inspire a lifelong appreciation for their natural heritage and to build up the confidence to incorporate outdoor play and learning into their daily lives.

This project is based around the idea that people connect with their surroundings when exploring it in a relaxed way that is guided by personal preference. By encouraging these experiences lifelong bonds with the natural world are formed and form pro-nature behaviours early in life. This connection is best developed through hands-on outdoor experiences that include quiet reflection, exploring, personal challenges and immersive activities.

One aspect of this project will be providing guided and formal experiences led by South West Peak Landscape Partnership staff. However, these formal activities may not generate a personal desire to get outside without the support of a guide. It is important that children in particular discover their own motivations to engage with the natural world. We will provide a variety of opportunities for them to discover these interests themselves.

Wild Child will include activities such as:

  • Nature Tots
  • Wildplay
  • Family Events

Wild Child will range across the whole of the South West Peak and key locations will be The Roaches, Lyme Park, and Macclesfield Forest.

Over the course of the project we will also offer training days for parents and volunteers to enjoy and see what we have on offer. Watch this project page and our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

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What we're doing

  • Inspiring lifelong appreciation for the natural world
  • Connecting children and their families with the tools and knowledge to enjoy and feel comfortable in the outdoors
  • Focuses on developing independent interests outside of guided activities
  • Providing “taster” days for parents and volunteers to experience what Wild Child has to offer
  • Offering activities at iconic sites such as The Roaches and at more accessible sites like Macclesfield Forest and Lyme Park

Get involved!

  • Remember to set a good example for the next generation of outdoors lovers and Leave No Trace! Pack out what you pack in.
  • See a map of the Wild Child activity sites - coming soon.
  • Learn more about Nature Tots activities.
  • Interested in an outdoor activity but not sure where to start? Contact Us and we’d love to help you plan a trip!



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Free play in outdoor green spaces for very young children improves their ability to deal with stress and focus attention, as well as improving social skills.


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Increasing access to, and use of, good quality natural environments can help improve health.

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  • Staffordshire Wildlife Trusts