Project summary

This project is focusing on interacting with people living, working and visiting the South West Peak through engaging activities and events throughout the area. The goal of this project is to strengthen the sense of “ownership” among those who enjoy all that the South West Peak has to offer.

To this end the South West Peak Landscape Partnership will be providing small grants of between £500 to £10,000 to help them deliver projects that help benefit the South West Peak and the people, plants and animals that call it home. In order to apply for these grants a simple application form will need to be filled out and match funding (both in cash and non-cash contributions) will be needed. The recipients will be decided by two Community Grants Panels. These panels will be composed of those people who know the needs of the area best; local citizens who are interested in volunteering to help guide the future of South West Peak communities

If you are interested in applying for a Community Grant or are interested in volunteering on one of the Community Grant Panels take a look at the information below!

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What we're doing

  • Bringing £300,000 of additional investment into the communities of the South West Peak
  • Giving a helping hand to less well known communities and groups that want to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the South West Peak
  • Helping communities design, prepare, and implement projects that matter to them
  • Providing training to community volunteers about the grant application process so they can continue to apply for and manage grants long after the end of Engaging Communities
  • Putting the future of the South West Peak in the hands of those who care about it the most
engaging communities

How to help local communities!

  • Learn more about the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  • When visiting the South West Peak take time out to frequent local businesses and talk to the folks who know the area best.
  • Check out a map of the South West Peak to see what we’re up to.
  • Learn more about the Community Grants Panel.



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