Project Spotlight: Roaches Gateway

Next up in our Project Spotlight series is Roaches Gateway. This project is being led by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and is seeking to improve this heavily visited and wonderfully scenic location.

The iconic Roaches offers stunning views of the South West Peak and beyond; with a clear day showing views of Snowdonia, Liverpool Cathedral and Cannock Chase. This heavily visited area is protected because of its upland moor and blanket bog habitats and the many different species that rely on these fragile ecosystems for survival.

Pressure from the popularity of the Roaches and erosion has put these habitats in jeopardy. Roaches Gateway aims to improve the infrastructure and accessibility of this beautiful and important natural area. Over time scars and deep cuts have begun to mar the landscape and are allowing blanket bogs to dry out by draining water away far too rapidly.

Importantly, these deep cuts make walking difficult for visitors and results in short-cuts into the surrounding habitats.

Through the use of skilled contractors and volunteers over 1,000 metres of key footpaths will be restored. Additionally, 800 metres of drystone walls will also be repaired in order to save these important cultural landmarks and preserve the beautiful vistas.

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