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What does the South West Peak mean to you?

Tell us why the South West Peak is special to you, it could be that you live or work there, maybe you’re a visitor. Do you go walking or climbing there?  Perhaps you have been out on a school trip or field studies day, maybe you’ve been on a guided walk with one of the national park rangers. We’d love to hear your stories of days out, places you’ve visited, things you’ve seen and what you like (or don’t like) about the South West Peak.  Just fill out the form below.

“It’s a beautiful place, not far from the city. Loved it for over 40 years” (Alan, Stoke on Trent)

“The first time I discovered luds church was amazing. I found it such a special place that not many people knew about. It had a magical feel to the place” (Andrew, Upper Hulme)

South West Peak Memories
  •   Resident in the South West Peak
      Live near the South West Peak
      Work in the South West Peak
      Visit for holiday
      Day visit for leisure
      Visited for education/study
      Other (please detail below)
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We will use the information you have provided (and any other information you may provide us with in the future) to tell you about the Partnership and invite you to take part in any related activity. The data will be kept by the Peak District National Park Authority.