Introduction to Grassland Fungi (FULLY BOOKED)

Glorious Grasslands
Event Name Introduction to Grassland Fungi (FULLY BOOKED)
Start Date 27th Oct 2018 10:00am
End Date 27th Oct 2018 2:30pm
Duration 4 hours and 30 minutes

Workshop Now Fully Booked

The Cheshire hills are home to communities of fungal species which are grassland specialists. These communities can be valuable indicators of ancient grassland, but are often not included in conservation assessments. Also, like their grassland habitat, they are threatened by improvement, disturbance, or cessation of management.
This workshop will focus on one particular group of grassland fungi, the Waxcaps. It will cover their habitat requirements, their identification, their use in evaluating the significance of grassland sites and current management advice for waxcap-grassland. There will be a mix of indoor work and time out in the field. A partnership event, with the Cheshire East Ranger Service, as part of the South West Peak Glorious Grasslands project.

Location and Times:

Location: Teggs Nose Country Park
Time: 10:00am to 14:30pm

What to Bring:

Please bring a packed lunch, enough to drink and suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

More Information and Booking:

Visit Cheshire Wildlife Trust website.

Yellow Waxcap